Eat Fiber Rich Foods to Reduce Estrogen & Get Rid of Man Boobs

If you’re suffering from Gynecomastia, a medical condition where men develop breasts like women. This is a problem faced by most of the men these days and it may dilute your self-esteem. There are many treatment options such as Gynecomastia surgery, chest workouts, male breast reduction pills and creams etc…

Despite the surgery, no matter what other method you choose to get rid of your moobs, you should definitely consider making a few changes in your diet too. This is because diet always plays a crucial role in solving our health issues.

Gynecomastia is caused mainly due to the imbalance of the hormones in men. In reality, men has more testosterone levels and less estrogen. But, when this count was reversed, men suffer from different physical problems like the one we’re talking about (man boobs). According to the medical studies, fiber is able to shrink the time available for the estrogen (female hormones) to be absorbed in the bowel. Additionally, it also helps in removing the extra estrogen in the gut from the body.

Even some studies conducted on a group of people proved that those with increased intake of fiber from foods have shown significant decrease in the estrogen levels.

List of Foods Rich in Fiber

Fiber Rich Foods to Get Rid of Gynecomastia in Men

There are actually two types of fiber content – soluble and insoluble. While the insoluble fiber sources include wholewheat grains like brown rice, brown bread, brown pasta, all-bran cereal etc… and the soluble fiber sources include vegetables.

Well, it is true that the brown food contains high fiber content, but you should also know that they still have a high carb content. So, losing weight by adopting to brown foods is not a better idea. Likewise, losing man boobs by eating more whole-wheat foods is also not a wise decision. Even the studies proved that you’ll get most of the benefits of fiber from soluble fiber better than from insoluble fiber. The most popular benefits include – reduced risk of cancer, reduced cholesterol, diabetes prevention, improved bowel movements etc…

How Soluble Fiber helps in Reducing Estrogen Levels in Men?

The SCFA butyrate found in soluble fiber, which is known to reduce colonic pH, plays an important role in the metabolism of the estrogens in our body. Generally, most of the estrogen in the food we consume are disabled in our liver by ‘conjugation’. However, a few enzymes in our gut are said to deconjugate or activate the estrogens, but in harmful form. These estrogen are then reabsorbed into the blood. So, when you consume soluble fiber, the butyrate helps in deactivating or disabling such enzymes in your gut by reducing the pH in your colon. This is to ensure that the enzymes can’t reactivate the inactive estrogens, thus reducing their levels.


So, it is always advised to include more fibrous content (soluble) in your diet along with proper exercise or medication to get rid of man boobs quickly and naturally.

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