Check Whether You Have Gynecomastia or Puffy Nipples (Chest Fat)?

Well, both the terms ‘Gynecomastia‘ and ‘Man boobs’ are used interchangeably while describing the same thing. But, do you know that some people mistake chest fat to Gyno?

Yes, Pseudogynecomastia aka fake gynecomastia is a condition where men develop female looking breasts without any real tissues. So, it is just pure fat under your chest.

Difference Between Man Boobs and Chest FatDespite the differences between ‘Pseudogynecomastia’ and ‘Gynecomastia‘, the embarrassment caused by both is the same.

In medical knowledge, Gynecomastia is a hormonal imbalance in men that cause the breast tissue to be developed beneath or under the nipple region (areola) while Pseudogynecomastia is simply the accumulation of unwanted fat around the nipple region giving a look of female breasts.

The only difference between Gynecomastia and puffy nipples is the feeling of hard lump when you press your chest. In case of the guys with true Gynecomastia, you can feel a hard lump when you pinch them, while you won’t feel anything in case of ‘chest fat’.

Check Gynecomastia or PseudoGynecomastia
Pictorial Illustration of Finding the Difference Between Gyno and Chest Fat

If you’re confused in deciding whether you’re suffering with Gynecomastia or just chest fat, simply pinch the fat on your chest and on your belly at the same time. If you feel both are same (just fat), then you can come to a conclusion that you are having just fat under your nipples, but if you feel differently (hard lump), then you should think otherwise.

If you’re more concerned about your male breasts, then you should better contact your physician as he will be able to find out whether you’re really suffering from Gynecomastia or simply mistook the extra chest fat to the earlier.

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