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Gynecomastia Surgery FAQs, Cost & Recovery Process

Gynecomastia Surgery is a surgical procedure that reduces male breast size by removing the excess breast tissue through a small incision.

There are many ways to get rid of man breast fat naturally, but, Gynecomastia is something that is not related to fat accumulation and you should opt for the Gyno surgery in order to remove the gland or breast tissue.
Gynecomastia Surgery Pictures
However, there are a few points to be remembered before going under the knife.

P.S: Liposuction helps in removing excess fat, while Gynecomastia surgery is performed to remove the breast tissue. So, do understand the different between man boobs and Gynecomastia. Both are different issues and should be treated differently.

How much Does Gynecomastia Surgery Cost?

The cost for Gynecomastia surgery to get rid of man breasts can vary anywhere from $5000 and may go up to $10,000 if the case is complicated or severe.

How much does the surgeon charge for the Gynecomastia surgery?

For the male breast reduction surgery, the surgeon may cost about $3,400, but it varies from one surgeon to another and one country to another.

Are there any other fees apart from these two?

Yes, you should also pay for the general anesthesia, room charge (only if you prefer to stay for the night), medicines and charge for the compression garment.

How much does Gynecomastia Surgery cost in India?

In countries like India, medical expenses are very minimal (considering the dollar exchange rates to indian currency) and one can get the Gyno surgery done under Rs.40000 to Rs.60000 i.e., $600 to $900 respectively. So, if you’re planning to go under the knife, then you can visit India and get the surgery for a cheaper price with the same quality medical standards.

Can Gynecomastia surgery be covered by Health insurance?

Can you Claim Insurance Coverage for Gyno Surgery?
Generally, health insurance is like a gift to the mankind, especially to those who’re not able to afford costly health care services. However, there are many surgeries that are not covered by the health insurance companies such as a cosmetic surgery. So, there is a confusion among many about the same for the Gynecomastia surgery.

Is Gynecomastia Surgery Eligible for Insurance Coverage?

Yes, Gynecomastia surgery is covered by Insurance Company if:

You’re suffering with serious health problems because of Gynecomastia such as developing tumors along with breast tissue, extreme pain etc… So, if the surgeon does an extensive research on your condition and proves that the surgery is a necessity, then you might be eligible to cover your surgery costs through your insurance.

Insurance Companies doesn’t cover Gynecomastia surgery if:

You’re suffering with psychological problems, which almost all the man boob sufferers go through. Then from an insurance company’s point of view, you’re not eligible for the coverage as it is not a valid reason.

Since the Gynecomastia surgery is considered as one of the cosmetic procedures to enhance your appearance and not a life-threatening one, you won’t be given any coverage under health insurance unless and until your surgeon confirms that you’re suffering from extreme pain or there is a cancer growing tumor. And of-course, he should attach the lab results as a proof to convince the insurance company. Otherwise, your health insurance will not be approved.

What if my case was not approved by the insurance company?

In case you’re not given approval for getting covered for the Gynecomastia surgery by your insurance company, don’t worry! You can also finance the surgery.

Due to the demand for cosmetic surgeries these days, many companies are providing finance for such procedures. So, stop worrying and get the surgery done.

The procedure may be a little expensive, but the results are priceless, considering the stressful life you’ve lived till date with your moobs on.

FAQS: Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery Process & Post Operation

Gynocomastia Surgery Before and After Pictures
1.What is the downtime after the Gynecomastia surgery is done?

The downtime actually depends on the severity of the man boobs, techniques involved and also the physical traits of the patient. So, it various from one person to another. On an average, the downtime of around 48 to 72 hours (2 to 3 days) is required for a 1 to 2 hour operation, which involves liposuction and incision procedure. Apart from the downtime, it is also advised not to perform any strenuous physical activities upto 6 weeks after the completion of the surgery.

2.What are patients allowed and not allowed to do after the surgery?

Once the Gyno surgery is completed successfully, the patient can go back to his work after 3 days (72 hours), provided the activities are light. It is strictly forbidden to perform any strenuous activities or exercises until 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery to avoid any complication post the operation as well as to speed up the recovery process. The patients are also advised not to leave the city without the doctor’s clearance at least for a week post the operation as you should make a few follow-up visits to the surgeon for any issues that should be treated immediately.

3.Why are patients given compression garments to wear post the Gyno surgery?

Since the operation is made through a little incision and liposuction procedure, there might be discomfort due to swelling and bruising. So, in order to minimize or reduce the discomfort caused due to the surgery, doctors ask the patients to wear the compression or elastic garments as they helps in the healing process by tightening the skin adhering to the muscles.

The surgeon usually puts the compression garment right at the operating theater after evaluating the size of your chest.

You can find various kinds of compression garments like Gynecomastia compression shirts, girdle bodysuits, compression vests etc… on the market. However, after 4 to 6 weeks, when you become more active in your day to day routine/work, the doctors may advise you to wear the exercise compression garment, which will provide additional support.

Do note that the compression garment should not be overly tight or else it may cause skin necrosis. Ensure that it is firmly tight to avail proper breathing.

4.What is first thing in the recovery process?

When you had the Gynecomastia surgery done, then the first thing you should expect is groggy and some may feel nauseous too.

5.When will the stitches be removed after the surgery?

Generally, the stitches will be removed after a week when you visit the doctor for the checkup (which is mandatory).

6.Does Gynecomastia surgery leave scars?

Yes, small scars will remain even after the skin has healed. But, since the incisions are made in the less visible places, they go unnoticed.

7.Should I follow any diet routine after the surgery?

Of course, yes! You should follow a healthy diet after the surgery or else you’ll gain chest fat, which may spoil the look of your chest. So, at least for a few months, it is advised not to gain any weight and watch your intake of calories.

8.Will I get man boobs again after the surgery or the results are permanent?

Well, man boobs are nothing but the growth of breast tissue in the chest. So, when the surgery is done, they make an incision underneath your chest and remove the tissue manually. Therefore, there is no chance that you’ll be getting back your moobs. They’re gone for good. However, if you don’t follow a proper diet, you may accumulate fat in your chest area and that may spoil your results.

These are the most frequently & commonly asked questions about the Gyno surgery recovery process and we’ve tried to answer as per our best knowledge as well as with some guidance from a certified surgeon. Lastly, if you opt for the surgery, please don’t forget to share your problems, if any, with the doctor/surgeon and get them corrected as early as possible.

Gynecomastia Surgery Results: Before & After Pictures

Gynecomastia Surgery Before & After Pictures

What If I Can’t Afford the Gynecomastia Surgery?

If you can’t afford the surgery, then you can opt for the natural ways to get rid of manboobs that doesn’t require a surgical procedure. But, remember that the process does take some time to show results. Below is a 3-step approach to naturally treat Gynecomastia at home.

#1. Gynecomastia Pills

Gynexin Pills for Male Breast Removal
We’re talking about the Gynexin male breast reduction pills which are specifically designed to burn fat in the chest area. Since, these are made purely from 100% natural ingredients, they’re very safe to use. You also have the 60 Day money back guarantee, which means, you’ll get all your money if these pills failed to do what they promised.

#2. Compression T-Shirts

Gynecomastia Shirt Before and After Results
Since, the process of losing your male breasts takes time, it is recommended to wear the Gyneslim compression shirts to instantly hide your man boobs.

#3. Man Boob Exercise Program

Best Man Boob Workouts
You can compliment your gynecomastia pills with the man boob workouts. For this, you can follow the ChestCoach program, which was designed by an ex-man boob sufferer. These special workouts are designed mainly to target your chest muscles and hence losing your man breasts is a piece of cake if you follow it properly.

A lot of our users have gotten awesome results when they combined all these 3 steps together in their journey to get rid of their man boobs. In case if you’ve any further doubts, please don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments below.


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