How to Lose Man Boobs with Flaxseeds?

There are different ways to lose man boobs naturally and one method which we recently found was to use flaxseeds as a remedy for male breast problem.

These flaxseeds inhibit the growth of estrogen-dependent cancers in humans. Likewise, they also inhibit the effects of excess estrogen and help in reducing the man boobs naturally.

According to the study published in the ‘Clinical Cancer Research’ journal in 2005, it is said that the patients who’re suffering from breast cancer have been given a muffin a day, which contains 25 grams of flaxseeds for 32 days. Surprisingly, the patients has shown betterment with a significant reduction in the tumor and an increase in the death of cancer cells.

Lose Man Breast with Flax Seeds

Health Benefits of Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds possess a lot of health benefits and one powerful advantage of adding flaxseeds to our diet is that they help in lowering the estrogens in our body through different mechanisms.

#1.Flaxseeds are rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Most of the people in the western countries are severely lacking the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and are also having high intake of the omega-6. Unfortunately, this imbalance of fatty acids is causing different illnesses, including high blood pressure, inflammation, abnormal brain function and obesity. So, by increasing your intake of omega-3’s will definitely help you losing weight effectively and reverse any health issues cause due to the lack of it.

#2.Flaxseeds are high in Lignans

Lignans are found in higher concentrations in Flaxseeds than any other plant. These lignans are powerful in reducing the estrogen levels in our body. Similar to the isoflavones found in soy products, the lignans are also another form of phytoestrogen that act as competitive inhibitors to stronger estrogens.

#3.Flaxseeds down-regulate IGF-1

Besides estrogen, the flaxseeds also helps in down-regulating the IGF-1, which plays a crucial role in developing man boobs. So, when you take flaxseeds, you’re not only reducing the estrogens, but also the IGF-1, thereby losing male breasts effectively.

#4.Flaxseeds are a form of soluble fiber

Since the flaxseeds are a good source of fermentable, prebiotic form of soluble fiber, the consumption of flaxseeds increase the production of butyrate in your colon, thereby increasing the excretion of estrogens and also reducing the re-uptake of estrogen.

How to Use Flaxseeds to Lose Man Boobs?

As you’ve already known the health benefits of flaxseeds in getting rid of man breasts aka Gynecomastia, it is advised to include them in your diet right away.

Take a bowl of flaxseeds and freshly grind them using a coffee grinder. This is because our body can’t break down the tougher outer body of the flaxseeds. So, grind them and store in a airtight container and refrigerate it.

You can add or sprinkle the powdered flaxseeds on all the foods to eat and juices you drink. However, if you’re adding it to your food, make sure you’re adding it only after the food is cooked and not at the beginning. This is because you may destroy the benefits of the omega-3’s when you cook flaxseeds above 120 degree Fahrenheit.

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