Does Soy Milk Cause Man Breasts?

Does soy milk or soy protein cause Gynecomastia?

Well, a lot of people think that Soy is a healthy protein and is the best alternative to meats and dairy products, but is it true?

Soy Milk Causes Gynecomastia aka Man BoobsIt is found that the Chinese and Japanese live longer than others as they eat a lot of soy in their diet. But, the reason behind their longevity is that they eat fermented soy and not processed soy.

A recent study showed that a lot of men developed breasts because of the foods they eat.

Here are a few other Gynecomastia causes and symptoms that lead to male breasts.

Does Soy Milk Cause Man Breasts?

It is a well known fact that Soy is responsible for increasing the estrogen levels in our body.

In fact, James Price, a Vietnam vet who has a fit and lean body developed Gynecomastia and it was found that it is because of the Soy milk consumption. The doctors have found 8x the normal limit of estrogen for men in James’ body.

Jeremy Piven Suffers from Man Breasts due to Soy Milk

James used to drink 3 quarts of Soy milk every day and that caused a dramatic change in his body. Find the negative effects of Soy here –

What Causes Soy Man Breasts?

Soy mainly contains protein, essential fatty acids and isoflavones. Isoflavones family consists of Genistein, daidzein, equol, and glycitein which are commonly known as ‘phytoestrogens’.

These phytoestrogens will have estrogen like properties but they are derived from plants. The Soy which we eat and drink will contain these isoflavones and so when we consume it, it can affect our sensitive organs (estrogen receptors) like breast and the thyroid, thus leading to Soy man breasts. –

Not only Soy, but there are many other foods & chemicals that are responsible for the development of breasts in men.

Luckily, there are many solutions to get rid of male breasts naturally such as man boobs exercises, breast reduction pills etc…

But, prevention is always better than cure and so it is advised to stay away from such foods that increase estrogen levels in men.

Do Cow Milk Consumption Cause Gynecomastia?

Like we discussed in the article ‘meat & man boobs’, milk also comes with similar problems.

According to the medical journal, the FDA has approved a drug called rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) to be injected into the cows to increase production of milk by 15%.

Although it is not that harmful for humans, a few studies have found that such rBGH treated cow milk contains 10x more IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor).

It is already a well-known fact (as written in our blog) that IGF-1 along with estrogens together promotes enlarged breasts in men. So, if you’re drinking milk that is taken from dairy cows treated with rBGH, then losing man boobs may become even more difficult, unless you stop the consumption.

It is also to be noted that even Soy milk (processed) gives male breasts because of its estrogen levels.

Organic vs Non-Organic Milk (rBGH) w.r.t Gynecomastia

Like we said above, the non-organic milk or milk collected from rBGH treated cows is not good for treating man boobs as it is actually the root cause of the problem.

So, based on that statement, you may ask is organic milk ok?

Well, No! Although organic milk is better than its counterpart, it is advised to avoid milk completely if you’re trying to lose man boobs.

This is because milk (skimmed/whole) consumption causes an increase in the insulin levels due to the amino acid composition of its proteins, which is not good for losing man breasts.

However, you can have cream and butter, as they are very high in fat, low in milk proteins and lactose content. So, they are less insulinogenic than milk.

What is the Alternative for milk? Don’t my bones break if I skip milk?

Well, it is actually a lie promoted by the dairy industry since ages that drinking milk is good for bones and teeth.

If that is true, then why American women who drink more milk are having the highest rate of osteoporosis?

According to the multi-country analysis, it is found that the more milk you drink, the more chances is for you to break your bones.

So, it is advised to include green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach etc… in your diet. Apart from the fact that they contain more calcium than milk, the calcium from vegetables is more easily absorbed and retained by the body.


It is better to avoid milk altogether (including soy milk) and stick to the foods that burn chest fat. Of-course, skipping milk alone won’t help you lose man boobs! Follow a healthy lifestyle by including testosterone rich foods and practice chest shaping workouts.

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