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Get Rid of Gynecomastia without Surgery

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs in a Month Naturally?

Difference Between Man Boobs and Chest FatPseudo Gynecomastia or Man boobs is every man’s nightmare.

However, not many know how to get rid of man boobs without surgery and in this article, we’ll try to cover all the natural ways to treat male breasts fast at home.

What is Gynecomastia?

It is a condition where men abnormally develop breasts like their female counterparts.

According to the stats, more than 30% of the men in the US are suffering with this silent problem, which play with the emotions of the sufferers. Not just the US, 1 in every 3 men around the world is having this abnormal condition, which means you’re not alone.

Identify & Treat Man Boobs at Home

So, stop worrying too much about the man breasts problem as there are several Gynecomastia treatment options available for you and we’ve tried to list out all those solutions on our blog.

P.S: Excess chest fat doesn’t mean you’ve Gynecomastia.

Difference b/w Gynecomastia & Man Boobs (Pseudogynecomastia)

Well, both the terms ‘Gynecomastia‘ and ‘Man boobs’ are used interchangeably while describing the same thing.

But, do you know that some people mistake chest fat to Gyno?

Yes, Pseudogynecomastia aka fake gynecomastia is a condition where men develop female looking breasts without any real tissues. So, it is just pure fat under your chest.

Despite the differences between ‘Pseudogynecomastia’ and ‘Gynecomastia‘, the embarrassment caused by both is the same.

In medical knowledge, Gynecomastia is a hormonal imbalance in men that cause the breast tissue to be developed beneath or under the nipple region (areola) while Pseudogynecomastia is simply the accumulation of unwanted fat around the nipple region giving a look of female breasts.

How to Check Whether You’ve Gynecomastia or Just Chest Fat?

The only difference between Gynecomastia and puffy nipples is the feeling of hard lump when you press your chest. In case of the guys with true Gynecomastia, you can feel a hard lump when you pinch them, while you won’t feel anything in case of ‘chest fat’.

Check Gynecomastia or PseudoGynecomastia

If you’re confused in deciding whether you’re suffering with Gynecomastia or just chest fat, simply pinch the fat on your chest and on your belly at the same time.

If you feel both are same (just fat), then you can come to a conclusion that you are having just fat under your nipples, but if you feel differently (hard lump), then you should think otherwise.

If you’re more concerned about your male breasts, then you should better contact your physician as he will be able to find out whether you’re really suffering from Gynecomastia or simply mistook the extra chest fat to the earlier.

Reasons Why Men Get Breasts like Women?

There are two major reasons why men get female breasts.

Reason 1: Chest Fat due to Obesity (No Surgery Needed)

The first reasons is obesity.

Yes, a lot of men develop breasts like shape as a result of simply being overweight. These man boobs are composed of fatty tissue stored above the pectoral muscle, thereby making your chest look fluffy like the women.

One common myth among many is that you can spot reduce chest fat, but unfortunately, that is not possible. We can’t select from where the fat should be burned in our body.

Since, there is no choice of spot reduction, we’re left with only one option i.e., losing the overall body fat.

This can be achieved by following a combination of cardio and strength training along with a low carb high protein diet.

This way, you can burn more calories than you consume and then create a calorie deficit easily. When your body enters the energy deficit mode, it borrows the energy from the fat reserves and thus help you lose weight naturally. For quick weight loss, you can try the 3 day military diet and for serious long term results, you could follow the Ketogenic diet plan.

Reason 2: True Gynecomastia Due to Hormonal Issues (Gynecomastia Surgery Required)

The second reason why guys get moobs is due to an abnormal medical condition known as Gynecomastia.

In this category, there will be an abnormal increase in the estrogen hormones and decrease in the testosterone levels.

When the female hormones (estrogen) are higher than the male hormones (testosterone) in men, they may develop female characteristics and one of such kind is the man breasts.

There may be several reasons for the decrease in the production of testosterone like metabolic disorders, excessive usage of drugs, soy products, meat consumption, medication side effects etc…

In this case, the Gynecomastia can be treated by seeking medical advice. Mostly, such men with Gynecomastia will be kept under medical observation or will be treated with anti-estrogen medicines.

In extreme Gynecomastia conditions, the sufferers may have to undergo the Gynecomastia surgery to remove the breast tissue permanently.

How to Get Rid of Male Breasts (Chest Fat) in a Month?

In this guide, we shall see the available man boobs treatment options through which you can get rid of man breasts without going under the knife.

#1.Lose Male Breasts through Diet

As I’ve mentioned above, you can’t spot reduce the chest fat and if anyone says otherwise, don’t believe them. The most efficient way to reduce overall fat is to follow a proper low carb diet.

But, first check your maintenance calories using the BMR calculator.

If your BMR is 2000 calories, then you should aim to eat less than that number to lose weight. Anything you eat above the 2000 calorie limit will only make you gain weight.

P.S: Diet or Exercise alone won’t help you lose weight successfully. It is the combination of diet and exercise that results in permanent fat loss. As a thumb rule, you should follow the Pareto principle i.e., 80% Diet and 20% Exercise helps in achieving optimum results.

Sample 1200 Calorie Meal Plan

Avoid these Foods that cause Gynecomastia

#2.Getting Rid of Man Boobs Chest Fat through Exercise

The next option I’d suggest every men with breasts is to perform Gynecomastia exercises that are aimed at building muscles in the chest and arms.

If you’ve a Gym subscription, you can hire a professional trainer and ask for specifically designed exercises to lose man breasts.

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Here are a few efficient workouts that help you in treating male Gynecomastia.

A] Cardio

B]Strength Training

Although, strength training doesn’t burn the similar number of calories as the cardiovascular workouts while performing, they do promote lean muscle mass. If you don’t know, the number of calories your body burns per day depends on your lean muscle mass. So, weight training is very beneficial to lose the overall body fat (including your problematic area i.e., chest fat).

#3.Take the Male Breast Reduction Pills

Just like there are breast enhancement products for women, you can also find the products for men, but the purpose is otherwise (reduction). You can complement the efforts you put through diet and exercise with the Gynecomastia medication in order to achieve better results in less time.

The active ingredients used in these pills are processed by your body more efficiently as they’re consumed orally. Most of these products contain testosterone boosters, which would decrease the estrogen and increase the production of the male hormones, thereby reducing the side effects of the male Gynecomastia.

Gynexin Alpha Formula

There are variety of breast enlargement pill brands on the market, but the most trustworthy of all is the Gynexin. It has almost 99% success rate in treating the Gynecomastia problem.

The active ingredients used in Gynexin pills include Green tea extract, caffeine, Scaleorides, Guggulsyerones etc… The main benefit of using these pills is that it not only reduces the size of the breasts but also the number of fat cells inside the tissue. You can notice the results within 3 weeks of taking these pills (twice every day).

The Gynexin pills are also cost-efficient, thus making them the best alternative to the Gynecomastia surgery, which is a bit heavier on the cost side.

Note: If you want quick or instant results, then these pills are not for you as they take a minimum of 3 weeks times to show up the results. And if you don’t have such patience because of an incoming event or occasion, then it is recommended to opt for the surgical procedure.

Pros of Using Male Breasts Reduction Pills

Cons of using Man Breast Reducing Pills

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#4. Use Male Breast Reduction Creams

Men with boobs usually turn to the topical creams before anything else as they help in getting rid of their enlarged breasts for good. This phenomenon is seen mostly in men who don’t like to consume oral supplements.

Another interesting thing about the creams over the surgery is that you don’t need to shell out huge sum or require any assistance; Just keep the breast reduction cream in your pocket and take it wherever you go. These creams can be easily applied without anyone noticing it.

However, the only downside of some creams over the pills is that not every person’s skin could absorb the ingredients. So, there is no guarantee that your skin reacts to those brands and hence it is always advised to go with the trusted brands like Gynexol.

Gynexol Body Sculpting Cream for Men

Gynexol is one of the most efficient Gynecomastia creams in the market right now. The cream works by shrinking the fat cells around the breast tissue, thereby reducing the size naturally.

A lot of men have already used this product and no side effects have been reported till date.

The ingredients used in the Gynexol cream include Ginkgo Biloda, Aloevera Juice, and Retinol (Vitamin A), among others. It is formulated in the approved facility of US FDA.

Pros of using the Creams

Cons of using the Gynecomastia Creams

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#5.Gynecomastia Compressions Shirts (Temporarily Hide Your Man Boobs)

Please note that this is not a permanent solution to your man boobs problem.

You can instantly hide your breasts by wearing these simple compression garments inside your shirt without anyone knowing except you.

These vests come with tightening effect to reduce your breast size instantly after you wear them. As they’re specifically designed for man boob sufferers, you can wear them just like you wear your regular vests.

They can seamlessly fit into your favorite T-shirts, sweaters and business suits comfortably.

A] Esteem Compression

Man Boob Compression ShapewearThis is one of the best brands that offers the Gynecomastia shapewear vests to hide man boobs instantly. These vest come with extra strong material and won’t lose its elasticity so easily. Since, the cloth is soft and breathable, you won’t feel the compressing effect much. It can seamlessly fit into all types of shirts and doesn’t appear to others that you’re wearing a man boob shirt inside.

Apart from shaping your boobs, these shirts also hides your bumps, bulges and rolls, thus making you look slimmer.

Read what other customers are saying about these shirts.

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B] Underworks Mens Extreme Chest Binder V-Tank Top

Extreme Gynecomastia Compression VestThis is another great man breast compression tank top that hides your moobs instantly. This vest also flattens your belly and gives you back support.

It offers moisture wicking and UV protection with an SPF rating of 50. So, if you have some belly along with manboobs, this shirt is for you.

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#6. Home Remedies to Lose Man Boobs Naturally

A] Tumeric

As we mentioned in our earlier article, turmeric cures Gynecomastia and is a well-known home remedy used by the Indians since ages. The spice used in the Indian recipes is best known for its awesome ability to increase testosterone hormone levels in men. When the testosterone levels overtake the count of estrogens in the body, the enlarged breasts will naturally vanish forever. Turmeric is also said to burn fat and promoting liver health.

How to use Turmeric to Lose Man Boobs?

Take a cup of water and add 1 or 2 teaspoons of turmeric to it. Heat the mixture for about 10 minutes. Drink this mixture twice or thrice a day and compulsorily once before going to sleep. Repeat this every day for a few weeks until you notice the changes in your man breast size.

In case you’re not comfortable with drinking this mixture, you may also take the turmeric capsules that are available at the herbal medical stores.

But make sure to get an advice from your doctor about using the turmeric as a remedy for man boobs, if you’re having stomach problems like GERD or gallbladder problems, because turmeric consumption may worsen these problems.

B] Fish Oil

The omega-3 fatty acids are excellent in helping with the production of testosterone hormones and Fish are rich in omega-3s.

How to use Fish oil to treat man boobs?

You can either take fish oil supplements or directly consume omega-3 supplements to increase the testosterone count in your body.

In case if you don’t like to take the supplements, then you can directly have the fish in your dinner. Consider Salmon, Tuna and Mackerel for best results.

C] Flaxseed

While the non-vegetarians can opt for fish or fish oil to get omega-3s, the vegetarians can consider including the flaxseeds in their diet. Yes! Flaxseeds are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They’re also rich in lignans that help in balancing the activities of estrogen and possess antiestrogenic properties.

How to use Flaxseeds to cure man breasts?

Using a coffee grinder, take 1 tbsp of flaxseeds and grind them into a fine powder. Add this powder to a glass of warm water and drink it. You should do this daily until you see the results.

You can also store this grounded powder in an airtight container and refrigerate it for future use. To satisfy taste buds, you can sprinkle this flaxseed powder onto the foods or fruit juices you consume every day.

People who don’t like to consume flaxseed in powdered form can also consider taking 1 or 2 tbsp of flaxseed oil daily for a few weeks.

D] Zinc

There are many causes, but if your Gynecomastia is caused by low testosterone levels in particular, then you should consider including the zinc-based foods in your diet to treat them. Zinc increases testosterone hormone levels naturally.

Foods rich in Zinc include – fortified breakfast cereal, oysters, yogurt, cashews, raisins, lobster and chickpeas.

If you don’t like these foods, try to take the zinc supplements, but consult your doctor and seek an advice before doing so.

E] Passion Flower

Thanks to its testosterone boosting properties, the passion flower helps in treating Gynecomastia naturally.

How to use Passion Flower to get rid of enlarged breasts in men?

Collect the leaves of a passion flower, dry it and steep them in a cup of water for about 10 minutes. Strain the leaves and drink the herbal tea 2 or 3 times a day.

F] Milk Thistle

If liver disease is the cause of your condition called Gynecomastia, then you can opt for Milk thistle treatment. It is known for improving the liver functionality, thanks to its active constituent silymarin.

How to lose moobs using milk thistle?

Crush a tablespoon of milk thistle seeds and add them in bowl along with 3 cups of water.

Boil this mixture for about 15 minutes, switch off the stove and steep for 20 minutes. Once it is cooled down, strain and add a teaspoon of honey. You should drink this mixture twice a day for at least a few weeks to notice the results.

It is also available in supplement form. Ask your doctor for correct dosage.

G] Epsom Salt Bath

You can easily balance your hormones by having an Epsom salt bath. Other benefits include water retention and detoxification.

Boil a tub of bath water until warm and add 2 cups of Epsom salt in it. Stir the water until all the salt is dissolved. Immerse (soak) yourself in this water for about 15 minutes. Doing so will help with hormonal balancing. Repeat this process thrice a week for better results.

Warning: People who’re having high blood pressure and heart problems are advised not to try this home remedy.

H] Dandelion

This Gynecomastia reducing herb is efficient in removing excess water, harmful toxins and excess estrogen from your body.

How to use Dandelion herb for losing man breasts?

Take a cup of hot water and add 1 teaspoon of dandelion (dried). Cover the cup with a lid and let the mixture steep for another 10 minutes. Strain it, and drink this Dandelion tea 2 or 3 times a day until you see the results.

The dandelion is also present in the form of supplements. So, ask your doctor to suggest a proper dosage.

I] Cold Compress

If you’re suffering from tender or painful breasts, then you can solve the problem by applying cold compresses as it will help in reducing the swelling and pain.

Take a few ice cubes and wrap them in a thin towel. Put this towel on your breasts separately and apply pressure for 1 minute. Repeat this treatment as and when needed.

J] Exercise

As we mentioned several times on our blog, there are many man boob exercises that are specifically designed to target the chest and torso muscles. By performing exercises, you can also reduce the overall body fat. If you’re suffering from Pseudo Gynecomastia, a condition where male breasts show up due to the buildup of fat, then below are a few types of activities you should practice every day.

Try to include few of these exercises as a part of your lifestyle – Cardiovascular, weight lifting, swimming, jogging and walking.

That’s all friends! Hope these home remedies to cure man boobs naturally will help in reducing your man breasts effectively, without wasting huge sum on the surgery.

How to Treat Man Boobs Fast at Home without Surgery?

And finally, here is an overview of what we’ve discussed so far in this article.

  1. Change your diet: Remove those foods that cause Gynecomastia & try to lose body weight.
  2. Include Exercise: Complement your diet with bodyweight exercises to speed up the weight loss process.
  3. Take Supplements: For permanent results, it is highly advised to use the testosterone boosters regularly. You can choose between Gynecomastia pills or Male breast reduction cream or both.
  4. Wear Compression Shirts: Since, the whole process of losing man boobs takes a minimum of 3 months, you can wear the compression vests meanwhile, to hide them from the public.

Well, these are the basic steps to get rid of man boobs naturally and we’ve discussed further details in the separate guides on our blog. Do check them out and make a plan. Set a goal to shrink your moobs by the next season so that you can visit the exotic beaches shirtless.

How Long Does it Take to Get Rid of Man Boobs Naturally?

First of all, let me tell you one thing. We cannot give you an estimated time because it varies with each individual. But, in most cases, exercise itself doesn’t solve your problem. You may lose weight but not your man boobs.

While man boobs is pure fat, Gynecomastia is a condition where the male person develops female breast tissue due to several reasons, which are discussed in another article in detail.

You can reduce or burn fat with chest workouts but you cannot get rid of the gland which is the root cause for bigger boobs.

So, please consult a physician first to confirm whether you’re really suffering with Gynecomastia or just having some fat in your chest region.

In case if your doctor said it is just some fat, you can easily get rid of them using special chest workouts. Else, you may have to depend on either surgical or medical procedures to lose those breasts.

Hope, this guide on how to treat man boobs naturally helps you understand the complete picture about pseudogynecomastia.

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