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The Effect of Turmeric on Man Boobs: Herbal Recipes

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Man boobs, is undoubtedly, the biggest problem faced by the men.

It makes you look awkward in front of your neighbors or friends or the society.

However, one thing you should always remember is that, you’re not the only one suffering with man boobs. 3 out of 5 men in the world (especially in countries like the US) are having male breasts.

The main culprit behind man boobs is the hormonal imbalance. If your Estrogen levels are high and the Testosterone levels are low, then you’re likely to grow breasts like women. The best solution to this problem is to correct your hormonal imbalance and your moobs are likely to disappear permanently.

But, what can you do when your hormones are normal and you’re still suffering with man boobs? Well, that happens either because of a reduced sensitivity of your breast cells to Testosterone or a heightened sensitivity of your cells to Estrogen. Unfortunately, no doctor can determine or test the sensitivity of your breast tissue to sex hormones.

Thanks to the Ayurvedic saints, Turmeric has the ability to block the Estrogen receptors on the cellular level, hence reducing the sensitivity of breast tissues.

Not just the Ayurveda, even the modern scientific studies have proven that the Turmeric is more effective than the ‘Tamoxifen’, which is the Estrogen-lowering pharmaceutical drug. The main advantage of Turmeric is that it doesn’t have any side-effects, as it is a natural whole food and can be taken in larger doses, based on your body’s response.

How Can Turmeric Help in Getting Rid of Man Boobs?

How to Lose Man Boobs with Turmeric?

Not only does it blocks the Estrogen at the cellular level, but also helps get rid of man boobs naturally, without leaving a scar on your body.

  1. Turmeric is proven to increase the testosterone levels by reducing inflammation.
  2. It improves insulin sensitivity, which means you’ll have less insulin resistance, thereby increasing the production of testosterone in men.
  3. Improves liver functionality. Liver disease is also a common cause of Gynecomastia. So, by improving liver function, Turmeric helps in increasing the deactivation rate of estrogens in your body.
  4. Helps you lose weight, thus indirectly helping you lose man boobs. Turmeric is said to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation, both are essential for losing weight. In addition to these, Turmeric also increases Thermogenesis in your body, thus increasing the BMR, so you burn more calories even while you’re resting.

According to a study in the Journal of the American Chemical Society in 2009, it is found that both genetic and environmental factors are the causes of man boobs. Turmeric has the ability to tackle both the environmental and genetical causes of man boobs.

How to Use/Take Turmeric to Get Rid of Moobs?

Well, if you want to increase the amount of micronutrients in your daily routine, then the best way is to eat whole foods. Say, if you wanted to increase Vitamin C intake, then you can include more tomatoes or oranges in your diet. Likewise, if you wanted to increase curcumin intake, then Turmeric is the best source.

Why we’re talking about ‘Curcumin‘ here is, because of its ability to block estrogens in your body and Turmeric is very rich in ‘curcumin’.

Organic Turmeric Powder to Treat Man Boobs Naturally

First of all, you should get a high quality, organic Turmeric powder in order to start this procedure. Unfortunately, you’ll find dirt cheap turmeric powder in the grocery stores, which comes with pesticides and other non-organic farming products. So, if you’re looking for the best results possible, then try to get high quality turmeric.

Here is the Indus Turmeric (Curcumin) Powder that is purely organic.

According to the studies, Curcumin present in the turmeric cannot be absorbed properly by our body if it is taken individually. So, ancient Indians have recommended a different approach of using it. The ‘Piperine‘ which is present in the black pepper is said to increase the absorption levels of curcumin by 2000 %. So, it is suggested to prepare your meals with the below combinations for better absorption of curcumin.

Recipes using Turmeric to Get Rid of ManBoobs

#1.Turmeric & Black Pepper Concoction

Take a large container and fill it up with 8 parts of organic turmeric powder and 1 part finely grounded black pepper. Close the lid and give it the best shake possible.

This mix can be added to your food while preparing, just like you add spices. Treat this concoction as a default spice while cooking any recipes in the future. For best results, you can add a spoon of the turmeric/pepper mix to a glass of warm milk and have it twice a day.

#2.Add Turmeric/Black Pepper Mix to Water

Generally, a lot of micronutrients break down when they’re heated and then become useless. However, Curcumin has been proven otherwise. It is neither destroyed, nor breaks down. Interestingly, when heated, the absorption rate of curcumin is increased by 12-fold.

So, if you’re not comfortable with turmeric in foods or oils, then simply add a teaspoon of turmeric-black pepper mixture to a glass of water, get it boiled for approximately 10 minutes or until the mixture is completely dissolved. Switch off the stove and let the water cool down, before drinking it.

#3.Turmeric Supplements for Eliminating Man Boobs

Best Turmeric Supplents/Pills to Cure Man Boobs

If you don’t like the taste of the turmeric / pepper mix, then there is a better option. You can simply take turmeric in the form of a capsule. Yes! There are many turmeric supplements in the market that solves your problem. But, most of them come with harmful additives and fillers; both are not good for health and will not give you the results you’re looking for.

Nutrigold’s Turmeric Curcumin Gold is the best turmeric supplement on the market that contains piperine for better absorption by your body.

So, these are the main benefits of Turmeric w.r.t man boobs. According to the Indians, Turmeric is a sign of goodness and so is used in all recipes and even in the rituals. When it comes to Ayurveda, Turmeric is said to cure thousands of ailments starting from a simple cold to cancer. Unfortunately, modern world, people ignored the old beliefs about using Turmeric in the daily life and have been suffering with different ailments, where man boobs is one of them. Thus, it is recommended to include Turmeric/Black Pepper mixture in your foods in order to boost the testosterone levels, thereby eliminating the man boobs naturally.

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